When Fractional Finance was founded, a key part of our mission was to educate people around numbers. It’s one of the reasons we focus on tech start-ups and scale ups. In our experience, it’s this niche that transforms the most under our expert financial guidance. 

Now, this is partially down to context. Start-ups and scale ups are very focused on funding, growth and increasing margins. They actively seek out the means to become more financially literate. They’re a breed of entrepreneur who want to expand their knowledge. They’re excellent learners, excellent implementers. 

It’s why we love what we do.

And we could stop there, we could just help our clients succeed, but we wanted our work to go further. It’s why we’ve spent time seeking out the right charity partner to support. 

We landed on FT FLIC Charity. It’s incredible. Here’s why. 

FT FLIC Charity is a powerful campaign focusing on marginalised groups.

Standing for Financial Literacy Inclusion Campaign, FT FLIC Charity is backed by the Financial Times. With only 35% of men and 30% of women understanding financial concepts, it’s their mission to provide a thorough grounding in the basic blocks of financial life management to those who need it most. They’re doing it through high quality educational content, lobbying at the highest level of government and rolling out a school curriculum. 

With a board stacked with key players spanning the breadth of the financial industry, their initial focus is on young people, minority groups and women in the UK (with sights on global impact in the future). 

“The decisions we make about money really matter…Those decisions really have an impact on how we thrive in life.”

Fractional Finance and FLIC Charity are well and truly aligned in values. 

Freedom and opportunity come from having a strong financial foundation. If a marginalised community’s overall understanding improves, so too will their quality of life. Taking it further, their quality of life feeds back into the global economy. 

It’s a powerful mission to have, particularly in this economic landscape, and it’s one we want to play a part in changing. We’re extremely passionate about using our skills to bring about positive change. 

Supporting FLIC charity is one way we can do that. Additionally, we’re also the finance trustee of Inner Flame.  A charity supporting disadvantaged 16-25 year olds, they provide free courses  to give them the tools and mindset for a brilliant future. 

We know money isn’t everything but it is a fundamental pillar of a safe, stable and independent life. We’re going to help build as many of those pillars as we can, for as long as possible.

When you work with us, you’re part of a bigger picture.

We love the impact we have on our clients’ lives. Tech start up and scale-ups are super charged with drive. They take our expertise and run with it because they know they’ll succeed if they do. Who wouldn’t want that type of client?


But…we want to make an impact outside of our day-to-day business too and that starts with helping people improve their financial literacy. It’s why we give 1% of our revenue every quarter to FT FLIC Charity and we intend to increase that donation every year going forward. The more we grow, the more we donate.


When you’re one of our clients, you’re supporting a powerful campaign by proxy. It’s just an added bonus of working with us. If you’re not part of the bigger picture yet, you can be. Start by filling out our form