Fractional Finance has emerged from 20+ years experience transforming and overseeing the finances of bootstrapped start-ups through to companies going through an IPO. We’re not a one-size-fits-all type of firm because we prefer to pour our expertise and energy into a specific type of client who fits our values. 


Here’s why.  


For significant growth, you need two things: guts and the right support. 

We oversee the growth of tech start-up and scale-ups making upwards of £1 million annually. We elect to work with these types of businesses because the owners all typically have qualities we love to work with. They’re usually:

  • Driven
  • Willing
  • Full of energy

With quick, sustainable growth and ambitious goals always in their sights, they know what brilliant accounting can do for them. It means we can flex our skills in ways we wouldn’t be able to with other clients. That’s why we do the work we do.  


Bringing two forces together, passion and expertise, is a surefire way of reaching your goals and we deeply value that type of collaboration. They need confident financial leaders who can unpick blockades and engineer pathways to hit seriously impressive targets. They’re excited about creative solutions and applying thorough, detailed strategy in the short-term for long-term results. We need clients who can see what great accounting can achieve. 


If significant growth is in your plans, accounting has to be included in that vision, not an obligatory add-on. It can be wildly exciting when you utilise your financial team’s expertise to the fullest potential, for both parties. 


How we work is unique, proactive and ambitious. 

Your books are your springboard, they’ve got to be solid. It means when we start working with a new client, we’ll always work from the ground up, and it starts with clean books. It doesn’t matter if you think they’re in peak condition; we need to know that for ourselves. 


And when they’re ready? Well, we transition from bookkeeper to financial advisors, data analysts and strategists. We prefer to be in the thick of what you’re trying to achieve, instead of someone you just speak to when there’s a problem. You’ll want it that way if you’ve got an audacious five year plan in mind.


We engage in equal, energy-filled partnerships.

We’ve learned it’s important to keep our values front and centre when it comes to collaboration and making business decisions. It’s why they’re boldly on display on our website and used as a sounding board when it comes to hiring employees and taking on new clients.


Our values


  • Partnerships

We believe in a flat working structure, not a hierarchy. We work with you, not for you.


  • Accountability

We’re accountable to our high standards and history of excellence and we work with people who look for the same.


  • Fairness

We treat everyone fairly. Our team, our clients, our referrers. The stakeholders, outsourcing partners, our marketing team. Fairness is a given.


  • Authenticity

We know the best partnerships come from truly knowing and trusting one another. We mean what we say and we are who we say we are.


  • One voice, many accents.

Our team is full of exceptional talent and they maintain our company standards. How they fulfill their work is up to them. We don’t micromanage, we trust.


  • Sustainability

We plan for hard work, we’re never caught out by it. We keep the gaze on the bigger picture while making sure it’s sustainable for our clients as well.


The best outcomes come when you’re aligned with people who back the same things you do. It’s why at Fractional Finance we engage in a thorough discovery call before kicking off our onboarding process because we’re seeking that synergy. 


We don’t want to spend time rehashing old ground, taking temperature checks and reading between the lines. Whoever we work with, employees and clients alike, we want to spend our time hitting targets, cracking open new opportunities and thriving in long-term trust. Who wouldn’t?


You’ve got to be prepared if you want to make big things happen in your business.

We know how much energy goes into running a business and the fortitude it takes to graduate it to new heights. That’s why you’ve got to have the right financial input as soon as possible. 


We started Fractional Finance because we knew our style of accounting would make tangible improvements with lasting impact on outstanding businesses. Get in touch here to see what that would look like for you.