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When it comes to managing your tech start up’s finances, timeliness is everything

timeliness is everything

The nature of the tech industry means your business’s landscape is often changing. You move fast. Hire more, build more, sell more, grow more. All of your decisions have to be informed, razor-sharp and hit the target dead on. Here’s why it pays to give your financial data the same timely attention as the rest […]

When can my business benefit from a Fractional CFO?


As your tech business increases output and scales up, you need financial infrastructure that can handle sustained growth. Bringing in an expert will take your finance function to the next level, but you’re not at the stage of needing a full-time, internal CFO.   That’s why we created our Fractional CFO support service.   Our […]

Banish financial fear

Financial Fear

Spooky season is upon us. The nights are drawing in, the pumpkins are being carved, and we’re snuggling up to watch our favourite Halloween classics. While some of us enjoy the anticipation of a jump scare during a horror film on October the 31st, fear isn’t usually an emotion we like at any other time […]

Does my tech business need a Fractional CFO or Fractional Finance team?

fractional finance

The sooner you invest in experienced industry experts, the sooner you’ll have the skillset, data and plan to realise your vision. However, in the start-up stage it can be hard to know when it’s time to invest in that talent. Tech business owners are often looking to scale and exit which means they benefit most […]

What systems do I need to put in place before growing my business?

Your tech start-up has blossomed from a seed of an idea into the thriving enterprise it is now. You’ve been operating and your systems have been in place for a while, your business is generating solid profit and now you’re ready to take the next step to scale things up. Whether it’s rolling out a […]