As your tech business increases output and scales up, you need financial infrastructure that can handle sustained growth. Bringing in an expert will take your finance function to the next level, but you’re not at the stage of needing a full-time, internal CFO.


That’s why we created our Fractional CFO support service.


Our CFO support provides high-level financial and strategic expertise when and how you need it, adapting to what your business requires without the commitment of employing an internal CFO.


While there isn’t one specific time that’s best to onboard a CFO, certain moments and milestones in your business can be maximised by having your own C-level financial expert.


Passing the finance function to someone else will free up your time.


You might be considering bringing on a Fractional CFO if you’re struggling to juggle the financial side of your business alongside your other duties as a business owner. 


Perhaps you’ve been wearing the CFO hat up until now, managing the financial team and overseeing the accounting. However, if you want to grow, doing it yourself just isn’t sustainable.


Passing these duties on to a Fractional CFO will allow you to spend your time where it’s most effective, like on strategy and sales. You’ll have more time to focus on the big picture and move your business towards its goals.


Their experience in similar companies will facilitate growth.


A Fractional CFO has a broad range of experience working with different tech companies at the board level. 


Their insight ranges from financial expertise to highly functional senior management roles. They’ve seen different approaches to sales and marketing, offer a fresh perspective and apply their history of operational involvement to improve your systems. 


Bringing on board a Fractional CFO will give you access to this valuable insight, using it to:


  • Streamline accounting functions like bookkeeping and reporting
  • Maximise the efficiency of your finance team
  • Adopt new technology to improve your processes
  • Effectively manage stakeholders 
  • Report to banks and investors
  • Take advantage of different revenue models


A Fractional CFO will ensure you make the most of key business moments.


When it comes to making the big decisions, a Fractional CFO will provide guidance grounded in their hands-on experience with similar companies. For example:


  • When you’re considering whether to start a new project. You’ll have an expert pair of eyes to look over everything and help you plan what you need to deliver. They’ll calculate the viability of new projects, telling you if your cash flow is robust enough to expand to a new location or work out the ROI of introducing a new service.


  • When planning your budget for the year. A Fractional CFO will help you forecast the most accurate picture of your cash flow over the next 12 months. You’ll be able to make better-informed decisions that propel you towards your goals.


  • When you’re looking to raise investment. A Fractional CFO applies their experience of working in other companies to give you support before, during and after raising investment. Their expertise will give you the best chance of closing a successful funding round.


You can bring on a Fractional CFO gradually.


Aside from their wide-ranging expertise, the beauty of a Fractional CFO is their flexibility. Unlike employing a CFO, there’s no long-term commitment. 


You can dip your toe in the water by having a Fractional CFO as a consultant for a project on a one-off basis. Alternatively, you may need someone month-to-month for recurring support. A Fractional CFO will work to your company’s needs, growing alongside you.


It’s never too late to level up your financial infrastructure.


Whether you want to offload your finance function or gain access to strategic guidance, working with a Fractional CFO can make all the difference in powering your business towards what you want to achieve. To get started, fill in our contact form.