It took determination at the start, now it’s dedication to see it through.

Not your typical finance team, we’re wildly capable, positive experts who pick who we work with based on vision, values and impact on the wider community.

When our expertise coincides with a match in values, the result will always be exceptional.


We plan for hard work, we’re never caught out by it. We keep the gaze on the bigger picture while making sure it’s sustainable for you as well.


We know the best partnerships come from truly knowing and trusting one another. We mean what we say and we are who we say we are.


We’re accountable to our high standards and history of excellence and we work with people who look for the same.

One voice, many accents.

Our team is full of exceptional talent and they maintain our company standards. How they fulfill their work is up to them.


We treat everyone fairly. Our team, our clients, our referrers. The stakeholders, outsourcing partners, our marketing team. Fairness is a given.


We believe in a flat working structure, not a hierarchy. We work with you, not for you.

Kat Wellum-Kent

Founder, energiser, expert strategist.

I only want to work with one type of client: the start-up or scaling entrepreneur. They’re fired-up, driven and fuelled by purpose and bring the same level of energy to the challenges they face. They’re often in the make-or-break stage or require a very specific application of expert strategy to get to the next exhilarating level. That’s where I come in. With over 20 years experience in finance, I’ve featured in the Top 50 Women in Accounting twice. It’s because I live for that “light bulb” moment; when the problem has been dismantled, suitably prepared for, or totally bypassed. The pressure gauge shifts and the business changes gear. It’s powerful and the reason I love what I do.

My personal drivers are making an impact that matters, my seriously cute kids and an adequate supply of chocolate at all times.

Pete Westmore

CFO, idea facilitator, excel whizz.

I love working with small ambitious businesses who have big plans. Like Kat says, they’re just the type of client who will take our expertise and run with it. That’s why I’m here; I fundamentally believe with the right guidance and structure almost anything is possible. I’m big on data. I’m the one who will source, interpret and present it when clients need to make important strategic decisions. An idea backed by evidence and strategy is much more likely to be realised.

When I’m not playing with numbers I’m with my family, drinking coffee or doing something that requires movement (I’m proud to represent GB in my age-group for triathlon).


Siddhesh Nachankar

Financial Controller, bookkeeper, stickler for detail.

I’m the go-to when it comes to bookkeeping, PAYE or VAT. Like a lot of accountants I love tying up loose ends and cleaning books, so you’ll often find me busy reconciling and categorising our clients’ transactions. I appreciate the range of clients we have, it means my work always has a level of complexity to it. That’s important to me because I love a challenge (it makes tying those loose ends all the more satisfying).

Out of work I’m usually peddling away on my bike or hanging out with my family.

Cathal Naughton

Fractional CFO, standard-raiser, your #1 supporter.

I love working with visionaries who know what they want from life. Especially when they use our expertise to reach wildly exciting goals. It’s a true partnership. My specialist subjects are fundraising, bridging the gap between the commercial and financial parts of a business, and building out a focused KPI dashboard.

When I’m not getting stuck into a client’s business, I’m out in the fresh air supporting the local football team or walking our two Rhodesian Ridgebacks.


Louise Andrews

Payroll Professional, information gatherer, streamliner.

I know all about payroll, whether it’s legislation or collating the right information. I make sure employees get correctly paid with the least amount of administrative hassle on the employer. Payroll is an intricate, complex and fluctuating part of any business and it’s crucial to get right. I’m the person who will facilitate that.

When I’m not working, I’m often camping. During the spring and summer months you’re more likely to find me sleeping outside than inside!

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